The HeartBeat of Life Mastermind Program.

Live Free of Expectations; Find Your Voice; and Holistically Heal within 90Days


Enlightening & Bold

YOU truly have what it takes to FULLY LIVE your Divinely Given Purpose in life. Though sometimes one may simply need to receive guidance on their next steps to take to arise to their Calling, and that's where our program comes in!

In fact, should you TRULY DECIDE that you're READY to move forward in Life, then allow our 12week program to definitely be the one for you! All that will be required of you is to simply show-up and that alone resolves over half the battle.

Through your hard work and tenacity throughout these next 90Days, you are guaranteed to receive access to all things good in your Life as it has always been designed by Source. Therefore, buckle your seatbelts and arrive at a point in your life to receive clear and precise guidance on ways to 'Live your Life' free from societal expectations that have always been designed to impair life's forward progress; 'Find your Voice' to both live and speak your innate truths unapologetically too; and lastly though definitely not least, 'Holistically Heal' your life in such a beautiful way that you can naturally attract all that your True Heart desires!

Again, never move forward through anything in this life without it first resonating throughout the depths of your Soul, as your body has always been designed to provide a navigational compass for you to successfully explore the terrains of your Life.

So if you're TRULY ready, then complete the preliminary form below and should any questions ever arise, please reach out to our Team via

Here's to brighter days and a DYNAMICALLY GIFTED future!!!



“My time with Deana improved my overall confidence, well-being and enhanced my ability to successfully cope and overcome my challenging journey. Deana, who is very compassionate, with a calming spirit, renewed my energy while helping me sustain inner peace. She is very professional and will help you successfully handle your challenges and enhance your life, no matter what you may be facing."

Dr. Marcy Street, Entrepreneur/Dermatologist

"The Purple Lotus is a wonderful healing environment. Deana has been working with me for over a year. She is a gifted Energy Healer and my sessions with her have helped me restore energy and balance. I have experienced the mental and physical benefits of energy healing working with her.  She did an amazing job of explaining the modality in a way that even a young person could understand. Deana is a treasure and I would highly recommend her."

Dr. Zaje Harrell, Professor of Psychology

What You Will Both Learn & Master Throughout Our 3 Month Course...


Phase I

A Foundational Review

Self-Honesty is Self-Forgiveness

Learn How to Dissect the Subconscious

Understanding the Multiple Layers of the Holistic-Self

Mind, Body, Spirit Re-Connecting

Phase II

How to Protect & Propel Your Power

MidPoint Check-in & Survey

Awareness is an Attitude

Understanding Your Divine Messages (Part I & Part II)

Crystal Therapy

Intuitive Nourishment 

Phase III

Your Portal to THRIVE (Mercury Retrograde)

Creative Consciousness

Relentless Discernment

The LaunchPad

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For a Preliminary Consultation...


A Podcast


Mind-Body-Spirit   Re-Connecting™


"Where the worlds of art often collide with lifestyle..."

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