"Treat your Life like it's a well-established business", is the motto that Founder/Owner of THE PURPLE LOTUS LLC lives by DAILY...although, what did it take for Deana Newman, a native Chicagoan, to arrive at both this conclusion of personal success?  Well, it's simple.  Religious GRIT, determination, stamina, and most importantly, TENACITY to rupture through narcissistic entanglements and loving herself more until ULTIMATELY, her Innate Spiritual Gifts came to Light allowing for her amazing style and candor that will resonate with your Soul to equally unleash your INNATE POWER to ELEVATE your Life as well! 


Deana's desires to infuse her Life's most PROFOUND experiences as a wife, mother, & entrepreneur, coupled with her community/academic/professional successes as a former elected Government official at the local level; serving as a dedicated member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated; Graduate Fellow of The Scott Hawkins Leadership Institute, sponsored by The Links, Incorporated; and a thirteen-year-plus veteran as a combined Cardiovascular Perfusionist, Health Journalist, Certified Holistic Healer/Enlightener, and Intuitive Psychic Channeler to merely name the tip of her iceberg, of which she brings to the table as a spot-on and dynamically gifted Intuitive Life Coach! And as one can completely see, that through it all...THE LESSONS...oh, yes...THE LESSONS that she's learned along the way to PROPEL her Life is precisely what she is Divinely here to provide to every one of her clients, for it is Coach Newman's PROLIFIC INSIGHT into what constitutes Living your Purpose while relentlessly sustaining your Power to THRIVE, that will EQUALLY PROPEL your Life, as well as, help you receive the CLARITY that you both desire and deserve on what your Divine Purpose is here on God's Bountiful Earth, and especially what it takes to accomplish your Earthly Assignments through both the daily implementation and mastering of Life's12 Universal Laws!


These 90Days with Coach Newman and her HeartBeat of Life Team, will both ELEVATE your LIFE, along with holistically aiding you in the permanent disentanglement of fear, worry, and self-doubt that may have once over consumed you.  It is these three Energetic blocks that must be reviewed under a microscope to understand how to transform them into a delectable batch of Life's sweetest Lemonade, and most importantly, with long-term and sustainable enjoyment! 




To provide Holistic Enlightenment to the bodhisattva, through the provision of Psychic Channeled Readings; Energy Healing; and Intuitive Life Coaching. 


To see a World that is filled with both Spiritually Enlightened and Masterful Empaths whose Souls are fed daily through the Abundance of Life, Unconditional Love, and Continued Consciousness...never to return to forgetting their Power.