Private Psychic Service Package 

Should your heart not be prepared for its three-month commitment to enroll into The HeartBeat of Life Mastermind Program, then perhaps our Private Psychic Service Package will provide you with the assistance that you are seeking to help you navigate the terrain of Life.

Please review the following descriptions below of what your complete package includes. 


Each service package provides three separate 90-minute sessions. Equally, you will receive access to Deana's schedule, for a more personalized experience in selecting a date and time that works well for you. 

A 30day guaranteed window of opportunity, from the time of your initial date of purchase,

will also be provided for you to select your preferred appointments.


Psychic Intuitive Channeling

Understanding the here & now quite frequently requires the need to reground and retrace your steps in understanding what is either approaching your pathway and/or has arrived at your very present moment in time.  In order to aid with your desired outcome, understanding how the remanence of Divine Will, versus aligning with that of one's Gift of Free Will can help shape our 3-dimensional outcomes overall, to those of our TRUEST HEART'S desires.

Past Lives

The frequencies of patterns and trends that may enter into one's life are often caused by a deeply-seated energetic bond to previous past-lives, although they are bound to our experiences of the past, they must be sought after for profound understanding. For Socrates stated it best, "The unexamined life is not worth living."


During this time of your combined package, Deana will aid in unlocking the mysteries of your Soul's Energetic cords to more FREELY allow for all that is both Liberating and filled with Vitality to gracefully Flow into your World. 


Next Steps

Whether you're seeking Divine Counseling on your relationships, from professional-to-personal, and especially Deana's subspecialty on the psychology of Twin-Flame Endeavors, then allow her Intuitive Flow to aid in the restoration of balance and Qi back into YOUR Life.